Blog Posts, Podcast, and More Coming Soon

Hello, Friends. 

I'm interested in how text works in the world:

  1. How is the body a text which gets authored and read by multiples
  2. How might certain popular texts presume mind/body dualism?
  3. How does this assumption affect our experience of having an embodied mind that hopes to seek out pleasure and avoid anguish?
  4. What kind of mutations occur in our phenomenological experience of having a body when we think of texts as performative, rather than truth objects?

I write on technological change, the silliness of it, and popular culture on the world's stage--especially via the Internet(s). My work spans academic journal articles, prose, narrative, illustration, and poetry. I'll soon be uploading these works along with frequent musings.

In addition, I have a podcast wrestling with how sadness and despondency are experienced by individuals and their particular connections to others--including myself. "Bunch of Big Babies" is in post-production for its first few episodes, and will be released serially across podcasting platforms soon. Check back here for more details, and please reach out to me on the Contact page with any questions, proposals for collaboration, or if you desire to be a guest on the podcast.

1,000,000 Blessings and May Your Day Not Be So Scary, Okay?